--On Going Personal Project--

DevelopWorthy is a web-application that helps connect Developers with projects that they'll be interested in while Users are able to find Developers with the right skill set for their needs.

Design phase

The design of this site was to captivate users into it. To want to click around and see the projects that are being bid on, to see the developers that make a partial or full living through it. There are tons of other freelance sites out there, but all of them share the same business model. Place a bid get recognized. Pay for premium get recognized first. DevelopWorthy doesn't have premium services, it has ways of showing passion, skill, and experience. That's what makes a good developer a good developer or a good designer a good designer; this isn't pay -to-win. This is free-to-play.

Technology used

HTML, CSS, Semantic UI, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, SQL

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