Creating a SASS Framework,

Creating a SASS Framework

May 15th, 2018

There's a very small demographic of front-end developers that are more guilty of using frameworks for 99% of their projects than I am. After I learned CSS-Grid I decided it was time to break that pattern I was giving myself.

To help myself stay true to this, I started developing my own "framework" and honestly, I don't feel quite right using that terminology; it's more of a structure than anything else. It includes as of now: cards, badges, navigation, buttons, cover-loader, hero sections, progress-bars/circles, graphs, and some helpers. This will be updated with more components as I feel necessary. If I see myself frequently re-building something for clients time and time again; I'll add a component for it to the repository and I'll update the documentation to allow others quick reference if interested.

Blaze-UI isn't meant to be something like Bootstrap, Semantic-UI, or Foundation. No two-designs should look alike with this. I encourage everyone to use CSS-Grid to design beautiful layouts and edit my existing SASS variables, components, and helpers I include to give it your own personal touch. If you're interested in following along with this project Here's the link to the Github Repository: Blaze-UI.