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Who should use SquareSpace?

May 31st, 2018

So here's the thing...

Square Space is constantly advertising online, the TV, and even paid promotions on some of our favorite youtube creator's channels. But how good is it? Is it killing off the need for developers and designers?

Well no, not quite. There are a lot of limitations when deciding to go with a do it your self, what you see is what you get platform like SquareSpace. For example themes; If you're ever building a site from a theme and not from scratch, you're not the only one using it. If you're going for unique designs that speak your message without words or if you're looking for something crafted by a professional in the field. Square Space won't be for you.

So what? someone out there has the same layout as me. What's the big deal? If that's what you're thinking then brand identity doesn't quite matter to you. There's nothing particularly wrong with that by any means. There's tons of cases where that wouldn't matter. For example; a small mom-and-pop local restaurant doesn't need a design that's completely unique to itself.

However; there are limitations to Square Space. You get no back-end logic. Meaning that if you have any need for security, a data base to log transactions, receipts, etc. you're going to have to go with a developer. If you want to establish a brand with a unique layout, you're going to have to go with a developer. If you want an interactive webpage that speaks volumes to the quality you produce, you're going to have to go with a developer. See the pattern?

So to recap, if you're a mom-and-pop local business who doesn't need to stand out from the crowd. Square Space could be the right option for you. There's nothing wrong with using a do-it-yourself online application. But just remember you're sacrificing some of the useful tools that developers by trade have in their tool belt. Like tips for better SEO rankings, web site maintenance, database administration, unique layouts, and more.

Have any questions on why to choose a developer?

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